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Monday, January 22, 2018

Krishi Samagri Company Ltd Computer Operator Solved Questions-2074

I'm trying to Solve Question Paper of Computer Operator of Krishi Samagri Sansthan

Lock Sewa Aaayog
Krishi Samagri Company Ltd.
5th Level
Computer Operator
Competitive Written Exam
Exam Held on 2074|09|26

KEY: [B]
Time: 45 min
Full Marks: 50
Multiple Choice 50 x 1 = 50
Correct answers are marked as Bold Text.
  1. The function is used to replace existing text with new text
    a. replace
    b. substitute
    c. substring
    d. string
  2. Tab scrolling button
    a. allow you to view a different worksheet
    b. allow you to view a additional worksheet rows down
    c. allow you to view additional worksheet columns to the right
    d. allow you to view additional sheets tabs
  3. The function extract data stored in a pivot table.
    a. getdata
    b. getpivotdata
    c. pivotdata value
    d. datavalue
  4. In maximum, how many sheets can be set as default while creating new workbook?
    a. 254
    b. 255
    c. 256
    d. No limit
  5. The result of data processing is
    a. database
    b. information
    c. knowledge
    d. records
  6. To remove a relation from an SQL database, we use the command.
    a. Delete
    b. Purge
    c. Remove
    d. Drop table
  7. How can you link a table with another so that a field in current table will display values in drop down box form another table while entering data?
    a. Query wizard
    b. Look up wizard
    c. Form wizard
    d. Report wizard
  8. A field can be called as in relation context.
    a. random file
    b. direct file
    c. attribute
    d. tuple
  9. Every table in relational database contain a field or combination of field that can uniquely identify each records, it is called
    a. Foreign key
    b. Native key
    c. Composite key
    d. Primary key
  10. The option is used to save PowerPoint Presentation in PDF with 4-slides per page
    a. slides
    b. handouts
    c. notes pages
    d. outlines view
  11. Which view shows all slides in one screen?
    a. slide master
    b. slide sorter
    c. slide layout
    d. slide show
  12. To insert a new slide in the current presentation, we can choose
    a. Ctrl + M
    b. Ctrl + N
    c. Ctrl + 0
    d. Ctrl + F
  13. A webpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture?
    a. picture
    b. image
    c. img
    d. src
  14. Using only HTML, we can create
    a. Dynamic web pages
    b. Static web pages
    c. Both A and B
    d. None of the above
  15. What is the correct HTML for creating a hyperlink?
    a. <a href="http://www.aicl.com"> aicl.com </a>
    b. <a url="http://www.aicl.com"> aicl.com </a>
    c. <a>http://www.aicl.corn </a>
    d. <a name="http://www.aicl.com"> aicl.com </a>
  16. Which of the following have low failure rate?
    a. Mechanical devices
    b. Electronic devices
    c. Electro-mechanical devices
    d. None of the above
  17. The main function of the ALU is to
    a. perform arithmetic and logical operation
    b. Store data and information for future use
    c. Control computer output, such as printing
    d. Monitor all computer activities
  18. What is a light pen?
    a. A mechanical input device
    b. Optical input device
    c. Electronic input device
    d. Optical output device
  19. Which of the following is suitable after you install new drivers
    a. Shut down
    b. Restart
    c. Sleep
    d. Hibernate
  20. CD-ROM stands for
    a. Compactable Read Only Memory
    b. Compact Data Read Only Memory
    c. Compactable Disk Read Only Memory
    d. Compact Disk Read Only Memory
  21. Which is a compiler?
    a. A compiler does a conversion line by line as the program is run
    b. A compiler converts the whole of a higher level program code into machine code in one step
    c. A compiler is a general purpose language providing very efficient execution
    d. None of the above
  22. What is the most common tool used to restrict access to a computer system?
    a. User logins
    b. Passwords
    c. Computer keys
    d. Access-control software
  23. As compared to the secondary memory, the primary memory of a computer is
    a. large
    b. cheap
    c. fast
    d. slow
  24. Junk e-mail is also called
    a. spam
    b. spoof
    c. sniffer
    d. worm
  25. Network congestion occurs
    a. in case if traffic overloading
    b. when a system terminates
    c. when connection two nodes terminates
    d. none of the above
  26. What type of resources is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer network?
    a. Printers
    b. Speakers
    c. Keyboards
    d. Floppy disk drives
  27. MAN is a
    a. cost
    b. company
    c. network
    d. country
  28. Communication channels is shared by all the machines on the network in
    a. broadcast network
    b. unicast network
    c. multicast network
    d. none of the above
  29. In internet terminology IP means
    a. Internet Provider
    b. Internet Protocol
    c. Internet Procedure
    d. Internet Processor
  30. A Microsoft Windows is
    a. Operating System
    b. Graphic Program
    c. Word Processing
    d. Database Program
  31. When you turn on your computer, it will check on which of the following control filers)?
    a. command.com, io.sys
    b. command.com, date.com, dir.com
    c. command.com, io.sys, msdos.sys
    d. chkdsk.exe
  32. The ….. Program compresses large files into a smaller files.
    a. WinShrink
    b. WinZip
    c. WinStyle
    d. None of the above
  33. The main function of the command interpreter is
    a. to get and execute the next user-specified command
    b. to provide the interface between the API and application program
    c. to handle the files in operating system
    d. none of the above
  34. Only filenames and extensions are to be displayed in wide format, which command you'll use?
    a. Dir/w
    b. Dir a:
    c. Dir/s
    d. Dir/b
  35. Which of the following is not valid version of MS Office?
    a. Office XP
    b. Office Vista
    c. Office 2007
    d. None of the above
  36. Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in
    a. web layout view
    b. print layout view
    c. reading view
    d. print preview
  37. What is gutter margin?
    a. Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
    b. Margin that is added to the right margin when printing
    c. Margin that is added to the biding side of page when
    d. Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing
  38. What is the shortcut key to Open dialog box?
    a. F12
    b. Shift + F12
    c. Alt+ F12
    d. Ctrl + F12
  39. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?
    a. Left
    b. Right
    c. Center
    d. Top
  40. Which of the following statement is false?
    a. You can set different header and footer for last page of a section
    b. You can set different header footer for even and odd pages
    c. You can set different page number formats for different functions
    d. You can set different header footer for first page of a section
  41. The space at the end of a page is called the
    a. footer
    b. margin
    c. bottom
    d. endnote
  42. In which view Headers and Footers are visible?
    a. Normal View
    b. Page Layout View
    c. Print Layout View
    d. Draft View
  43. Which of the following is not of the merge process?
    a. Sort the data source records
    b. Merge the two files to print or create a new document
    c. Edit a data source
    d. Format a main document
  44. Which of the following is not a font style?
    a. Bold
    b. Italics
    c. Regular
    d. Superscript
  45. The intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet is called
    a. Workbook
    b. Worksheet
    c. cell
    d. address
  46. Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amount?
    a. Logical
    b. Financial
    c. Statistical
    d. Math and Trigonometry
  47. Which language is used to create macros in Excel?
    a. Visual Basic
    b. C
    c. Visual C++
    d. Java
  48. In Excel, which one denotes a range from 131 through ES?
    a. B1 — E5
    b. B1:E5
    c. B1 to E5
    d. Bl$E5
  49. Which tool is used to join some cells and place the content at the middle Opined cell?
    a. Wrap Text
    b. Center alignment
    c. Merge and Center
    d. Shrink to fit
  50. In the formula, which symbol specifies the fixed columns or rows?
    a. $
    b. *
    c. %
    d. &

The End


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Asst. Computer Operator Exam 2074 (Solved question and Answer)

लोक सेवा आयोग, नेपाल विविध सेवा, राजपत्र अनंकित द्वितीय श्रेणी, सहायक कम्प्यूटर अपरेटर वा सो सरह (प्राविधिक ) पदको लागि लोक सेवा आयोगबाट मिति २०७४।०५।०७ गते सञ्चालित प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परिक्षामा सोधिएका प्रश्नहरुलाई समाधान गरी प्रकाशित गरिएको छ । 

Public Service Commission
Asst. Computer Operator Exam  2074
Competitive Written Exam Held on 2074-05-07
Time: 45 minutes
FM: 50
Key: D
Objective Questions (50 x 1 = 50 marks)

Correct Answers are Marked as Bold

1.  FAT stands for
 a. File Accomodation Table
 b. File Access Tape
 c. File Allocation Table
 d. File Activity Table

2. Which command will be used to display a file within the specified directory of pathname?
 a. dir\pathname
 b. dir\pathname\pathname
 c. dir\ch
 d. dir\pathname\filename

3. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?
 a. Del *.*
 b. RD
 c. Erase
 d. MD

4. If you need to duplicate the entire disk, which command will you use?
 a. Copy
 b. Diskcopy
 c. Chkdsk
 d. Format

5. Portrait and landscape are
 a.  Page orientation
 b. Paper size
 c. Page layout
 d.  All of the above

6. Which of the following is not a font style?
a.  Bold
b. Italics
c. Regular
d. Superscript    (explanation: Superscript is effect)

7. Which of the following task is accomplished by using bookmarks?
a. To add anchors in web page
b. To mark the ending of a paragraph of document
c. To quickly jump to specific location in document.
d. To add hyperlinks in web page

8. Thesaurus tool in Ms word is used for
a.  Spelling suggestions
b. Grammar options
c. Synonyms and antonyms words
d. All of the above

9. In word, the mailing list is known as the …………
a. Data sheet
c. Data source
d. sheet

10. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?
a. Single
b. Double
c. Triple
d. Multiple

11. Ctrl+J is used for ……
a. Align Justify
b. Insert hyperlink
c. Search
d. Print

12. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word Screen?
a. Tab stop box
b. Left Indent
c. Right indent
d. Center indent

13. What is gutter margin?
a. Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
b. Margin that is added to right margin when printing
c. Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing
d. Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing

14. ….. is the ghosted test behind the content on the page
a. Earmark
b. Watermark
c. inkmark
d. Ghostmark

15. What is a portion of a document in which you set different page formatting options than reset of the document?
a. page
b. document
c. section
d. page setup

16. The shortcut key for the format painter is
a. Ctrl+Shift+c
b. Alt+Ctrl+c
c. Alt+shift+c
d. none of the above

17. Which of the following is not a type of page margin?
a. Left
b. Right
c. Center
d. Top

18. The dimension of A4 size paper is
a. 8.17’’X11.69’’
b. 8.27’’X11.96’’
c. 8.27’’X11.69’’
d. 8.5’’X11.69’’

19. When you copy a formula in excel, excel
a. erase the original copy of the formula
b. adjusts cell references in the newly copied formula
c. adjust absolute cell references
d. does out adjust relative cell references

20. NOT, AND, OR and XOR are
a. Logical Operators
b. Arithmetic Operators
c. Relational Operators
d. Binary Operator

21. Formating a cell in number format you cannot set
a. Decimal place
b. Use 1000 separator
c. Negative numbers
d. Currency symbol

22. Which shortcut key is used to hide entire column in Excel?
a. Ctrl+?
b. Ctrl +0(zero)
c. Ctrl+H
d. Ctrl +C

23. The shortcut key is used to switch between sheets
a. Ctrl+Pageup
b. Ctrl+ Page down
c. Alt+ page up
d. Both A and B

24. The result of 3^2-2*4+1 is
a. 29
b. 2
c. 35
d. 0

25. The shortcut key for filter in ms excel
a. alt+ctrl+L
b. ctrl+shift+L
c. alt+ctrl+f
d. ctrl+shift+f

26. The formula " =T(value) " is used to check whether a value is ...
A. Text
b. Number
c. Tax
D. Ture

27. Which chart is better represents the progress of stock market on daily basis
a. Pie Chart
b. Row chart
c. Line chart
d. Column chart

28. Which formula is used to display current date and time in MS Excel?
a. =date()
b. =today()
c. =now()
d. =time()

29. How are data organized in a spreadsheet?
a. Lines and spaces
b. Layers and plane
c. Rows and columns
d. Height and width

30. A function inside another function is called a …… function
a. Nested
b. Round
c. Sum
d. Text

31. In a datasheet, what does each row represents
a. Record
b. Field
c. Database
d. Table

32. In ms access, "Hyperlink" data type can store...
a. web address
b. email address
c. path of a file
d. all of the above

33. What do you call a primary key field included in another table?
a. foreign key
b. parent key
c. child key
d. index

34. In MS Powerpoint, file with readymade styles that can be used for a presentation is called
a. Auto Style
b. Template
c. Wizard
d. Pre formatting

35. Which view in powerpoint can be used to enter speaker comments?
a. Normal
b. Slide show
c. Slide sorter
d. Notes pageviews

36. What is full form of SMPS?
a. Switch Mode Power Supply
b. Simple Mode Power Supply
c. Storage Mode Power Supply
d. Storage Mode Power Shortage

37. The Section of the CUP that selects, Interprets and see to the execution of program instructions
a. Memory
b. Register Unit
c. Control Unit
d. ALU

38. Firmware is contained in
c. ROM
d. Cache

39. What invention enabled developers to create microcomputer
A.integrated circuit
C.vacuum tube
D.magnetic disk

40. Choose the Odd one:
a.  Mouse
b. Plotter
c. Touch Panel
d. Scanner

41. Computer cannot do anything without a
a. chip
b. memory
c. output device
d. program

42. What is the ASCII code for capital “C” ?
a. 67
b. 76
c. 99
d. 43

43. ......... enables computer to communicative via telephone line
a. Modem
b. Motherboard
d. ISP

44. EBCDIC stand for
a. Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
b. Extended Bit Code Decimal INterchange Code
c. Extended Bit Case Decimal Interchange Code
d. Extended Binary Case Decimal Interchange Code

45. Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computer program has to provide the record's disk address. What information does this address specify?
a. Track number
b. sector number
c. surface number
d. all of the above

46. The secondary storage devices can only store data but they cannot perform
a. Arithmetic Operation
b. Logic Operation
c. Fetch operation
d. All of the above

47. A Computer program that converts assembly language to machine language is
a. Compiler
b. Interpreter
c. Assembler
d. Comparator

48. The communication mode that supports two-way traffic but only one direction at a time is
a. Simplex
b. Half Duplex
c. Duplex
d. Multiplex

49. An error is also known as:
a. bug
b. debug
c. cursor
d. icon

50. Restore command is used to
a. Restore file from disks made using the BACKUP command
b. Restore file which are deleted
c. Restore files from recycle bin
d. Restore files which are deleted recently

~ The End~


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vacancies for Followers and Constable at Armed Police Force Nepal

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Human Resource Department today publishes vacancies for Followers and Constable.

Date of publication vacancy: Sharwan 31, 2074.
Date of Appllication: Sharwan 31, 2074 from 10 am onwards
Last date of application: Bhadra 28, 2074 up to 5 pm.
Contact date: Bhadra 30, 2074; 11 am

Salary: As per Govt Rule
Job Type: Fulltime

Detail Job notice.


​Vacancies for Engineer, Sub-Engineer and Assistant Sub Engineer in National Reconstruction Authority

 Government of Nepal, National Reconstruction Authoritiy today publishes vacancies for Engineer, Sub-Engineer and Assistant Sub-Engineer.
Application form submission: Within 15 days of publication of this notice (i.e. 14th Bhadra 2074)

Deadline: Aug. 30, 2017, 4 p.m. ( 1 week, 6 days)
 Salary: As per Govt Rule
Job Type: Contract


​Nepal police announces various vacancies (Technical Posts)

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal Police Headquarters announces various vacancies in Technical posts (DSP, Inspector and SI for Nepal Police Hospital and Central Police Research laboratory. District Superintendent of Police (pra na u) Inspector (pra ni) Sub Inspector (Pra na ni) First published date: 2074/04/31 Application Fee: Stamp of Rs. 10 Date of Application: 2074 Bhadra 4 to Ashwin 2.

Detail notice as follows 


​Nepal Police announces vacancies for Inspector, ASI and Police Personnel

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal Police Headquarters announces various vacancies for Inspector, Assistant Sub Inspector of Police (ASI) and Police Constable. 

 Deadline: Sept. 18, 2017, 4 p.m. ( 1 month)
 Salary: As per institution rule
Job Type: Fulltime

First published date: 2074/04/31
Application Fee: Stamp of Rs. 10
Date of Application: Bhadra 4, 2074 to Aswhin 2, 2074.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Asst. computer Operator written exam of The Timber Corporation of Nepal

लोक सेवा आयोग
द टिम्बर कर्पोरेशन अफ नेपाल लि.,
प्राविधिक, कम्प्युटर चौथो तह,
सहायक कम्प्युटर अपरेटर पदको
प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा
समयः ४५ मिनेट                                                                                                           पूर्णाङ्कः १००
विषयः कम्प्युटर सम्बन्धी
उत्तरपुरस्तिकामा प्रश्नपत्रको KEY अनिवार्य रुपले उल्लेख गर्नुपर्नेछ । उल्लेख नगरेमा उत्तरपुस्तिका रद्द हुनेछ । परीक्षामा Calculator, mobile प्रयोग गर्न पाइने छैन ।
Multiple Choice                                                                                         50 x 2 = 100 marks
  1. Who was the first computer programmer?
    a. Charles Babbage            b. Ada Lovelace           c. Bernouli              d. Newton
  2. A teleprinter is
    a. Teletypewriter               b. Teletype                  c. TTY                 d. All of above
  3. The main block of the computer system consists of
    a. Input, Output, CPU and Memory
    b. Input, Output, Storage and User
    c. Input Unit, Output Unit, Control Unit
    d. RAM, Hard disk, Keyboard and Monitors
  4. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM are known as
    a. Hardware               b. Software              c. Firmware                d. ROM ware
  5. The basic operations performed by a computer are
    a. Arithmetic operation                    b. Logical operation
    c. Storage                                            d. All of above
  6. Which of the following needs refreshing?
    a. SRAM              b. DRAM                 c. ROM               d. All of above
  7. Which of the following require large computers memory?
    a. Imaging                  b. Graphics                c. Voice              d. All of the above
  8. The ASCII code of 0 (Zero) is
    a. 48D                
    b. 32H                 c. 0011 1000                 d. 42H
  9. The memory which is ultraviolet light erasable and electrically programmable is
    a. ROM                b. RAM               c. SRAM                  d. EPROM
  10. Which of the following malicious program do not replicate automatically?
    a. Trojan horse                
    b. Virus               c. Worm                 d. Zombie
  11. Which of the following is not a valid capacity of a floppy disk?
    a. 360 KB                   b. 720 KB               c. 1.24 MB                 d. 1.44 MB
  12. A computer on internet is identified by
    a. E-mail address              b. Street Address              c. IP Address               d. Website Address
  13. The slowest transmission speeds are those of
    a. Coaxial cable                          b. Fiber optic cable
    c. Twisted pair cable          d. Microwaves
  14. Only filenames and extensions are to be displayed in wide format, which command you’ll use?
    a. Dir/w                  
    b. Dir a:                  c. Dir/s                     d. Dir/b
  15. Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file
    a. Command.com, io.sys                                              b. Command.com, date.syss, dir.com
    c. Command.com, io.sys, msdos.sys               d. None of the above
  16. Operating system, editors and debuggers comes under?
    a. System software                             
    b. Application software
    c. Utitilities                                                   d. All of above
  17. The command allows you to create logical drive
    a. Sort            b. Path                c. Subst            d. Batch
  18. What is a portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options?
    a. Page                b. Document           c. Section          d. Page setup
  19. In MS-Word, ‘Cover Page’ option is available in tab
    a. Home                b. Insert                c. Design             d. Page layout
  20. Word wrap feature
    a. Set text inside the fixed margin              b. Appears at the bottom of the document
    c. Mark the paragraph center                                d. None of the above
  21. Which enables you to move directly to specific location in a document?
    a. Subdocuments                 b. Bookmarks              c. Cross-References            d. Outlines
  22. Which feature is used for monitoring all document changes?
    a. Edit document             b. Monitor change            c. Track change             d. Track all
  23. Where can you find the draw table tool button?
    a. Formatting toolbar                   b. Drawing toolbar
    c. Standard toolbar                       d. Tables and formatting toolbar
  24. What is the shortcut key to open the open dialog box?
    a. F12                     b. Shift+F12                c. Alt+F12                   d. Ctrl+F12
  25. Maximum width of Borders or a page border can be
    a. 3pt              b. 6pt                 c. 8pt                     d. 12pt
  26. What is the shortcut key to open the thesaurus window?
    a. Ctrl+F7                    b. F7                     c. Alt+F7                    d. Shift+F7
  27. By default, on which page the header or the footer is printed?
    a. On first page                       b. On alternate page                c. On every page    d. On current page
  28. What do you call a faint image that you add to the background of a document report?
    a. Watermark          
    b. Style                     c. Background image          d. Gutter
  29. Which tool can the user to set indents of tabs?
    a. Title bar               b. Insertion point              c. Toolbar               d. Ruler
  30. Which one is the last column header in Excel 2007?
    a.  XFD          
    b. XFX              c. XFL               d. XFT
  31. Which one is not a function in MS Excel?
    a. SUM             b. AVG              c. MAX                  d. MIN
  32. The greater than sign (<> is an example of …. Operator.
    a. Arithmetic             b. Logical              c. Conditional               d. Greater
  33. …. Is not a data validation option in MS Excel.
    a. Circle Invalid Data                             b. Clear Validation Circles
    c. Data Validation                                   d. Formula Validation
  34. How do you wrap the text in a cell?
    a. Format, cells, font                                  b. Format, cells, protection
    c. Format, cells, number                           d. Format, cells, alignment
  35. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell C1 and goes over to the column H and down to row 10 is
    a. C1:10H              b. C1:H10             c. C1:H.10               d. C1:H:10
  36. Which language is used to create macros in Excel?
    a. Visual Basic       
    b. C       c. Visual C++        d. Java
  37. Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amounts?
    a. Logical              b. Math and Trigonometry        c. Statistical        d. Financial
  38. What type of chart is useful for comparing parts of a whole?
    Pie Chart           b. Column Chart                  c. Line Chart             d. Dot Graph
  39. The …. feature of MS Excel quickly completes a series of data
    a. Autocomplete        b. Autofill       c. Fill handle       d. sorting
  40. which of the following is not a section in report design window in MS Access
    a. report header         b. page header          c. summary         d. report footer
  41. Which is the valid data type in MS Access
    a. Number         b. Text          c. Currency          d. All of the above
  42. In a table, the relationship among a set of values are represented by
    a. Attribute           b. Tuple            c. Entity                d. Key
  43. Slides can have
    a. Title, text, graphs                                b. Drawn objects, shapes
    c. Clipart, drawn art, visual                   d. All of the above
  44. Keyboard shortcut to add new slide in MS PowerPoint is
    a. Ctrl+N              b. Ctrl+M                 c. Alt+N                       d. Alt+M
  45. टिम्बर कर्पोरेशन नेपालको कर्मचारी सेवा शर्त नियमावली, २०५२ अनुसार अध्ययन विदा स्वीकृत गर्ने अधिकार कसको हो?
    a. सब्बन्धित कार्यलय प्रमुख                      b. संचालक समिति                 c. बन मन्त्रालय
    d. नेपाल सरकार
  46. How many parts are there in the Constitution of Nepal?
    a.25                     b. 30                      c. 35                          d. 40
  47. नेपालको बर्तमान सूचना तथा सञ्चार प्रविधि नीति कुन सालमा लागु भएको थियो?
    a. २०६७ साल               b. २०७० साल                 c. २०७१ साल                 d. २०७२ साल
  48. टिम्बर कर्पोरेशन अफ नेपाल लिमिटेड कर्मचारी सेवा शर्त नियमावली, २०५२ अनुसार सेवाको तहलाई कति तहमा विभाजन गरिएको?
    a. 1            b. 2               c. 3                  d. 4
  49. नेपालमा टिम्बर कर्पोरेशन अफ नेपालको कति वटा शाखाकार्यालय छन्?
    a. १ वटा                  b. ४ वटा               c. वटा                      d. ८ वटा
  50. According to The Timber Corporation of Nepal Karmachari Sewasart Nimawali, 2052, what is the maximum mark a candidate for promotion will get for his seniority?
    a. Sixteen                      b. Twenty              c. Twennty Four                 d. Thirty


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